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Issues Analysis Assignment

Issues Analysis Assignment - STRC 1111 Raskin Issues...

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STRC 1111 Raskin Issues Analysis 20 points Due Mon., 3/28 Note: This document is in landscape format. Assignment: The goal of this assignment is to prepare you for Speeches 4 (Persuasive) and 5 (Policy). In addition, this exercise will help to familiarize you with the basic aspects of argumentation. More generally, you should be familiar with the different sides or perspectives that inform your term topic. The foundation of democracy is informed debate. A well informed student is better able to articulate his or her own political perspective as well as respond to those that disagree. Criteria : You are to identify and describe at least three (3) major issues relevant to your term topic about which there is disagreement. Typically, disagreements arise around beliefs in causes of problems and effects of changes. Each entry should: identify the issue as a declarative statement from one side’s perspective, identify the parties who disagree,
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