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S3 eval template

S3 eval template - Vivid expressive language Conclusion(7...

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S3: Informative Speech; 100 pts Date: Topic (8) Essential for term topic and neutral Unknown to most of class Introduction (15) Attention getter Clear topic and thesis Previews main points Establishes relevance Establishes credibility Body (40) Two to four main points with coherent organization Transitions and clear statement of main points Ample, varied, effective support, with citations Effective visual aids Clear explanations/definitions
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Unformatted text preview: Vivid, expressive language Conclusion (7) Clearly signaled, method Summary, thesis restatement Succinct, forceful close Delivery (30) Extemporaneous mode Eye contact Appropriate volume Appropriate rate and pauses Absence of vocalized pauses Effective gestures and posture Overall variety, inflection, engagement Composure in Q&A Use of visual aids TOTAL (100)...
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