S4 Persuasive Speech criteria

S4 Persuasive Speech criteria - STRC 1111 Speech 4:...

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STRC 1111 Speech 4: Persuasive Speech Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to: (1) practice constructing arguments in support of a single proposition/thesis (in other words, using different types of evidence to “prove” a point), (2) use your understanding of your audience to adapt the arguments you construct, (3) use ethos , pathos , and logos to persuade, and (4) improve upon your skills of organization and delivery. Keep in mind that your final two speeches are both persuasive, but are divided into two arguments about the problem and the solution. In Speech 4, you need to convince your audience A) that a problem exists, and B) what the nature or causes of that problem are and the extent of its damage. General Expectations 1. Your speech should be 6 to 8 ½ minutes long. 2. Just prior to giving your presentation, you will need to provide your instructor with: a. an outline of your presentation. b. a works cited page. 3. There is a sample outline on Blackboard (under “Assignments”—Speech 4: Proposition of Fact). 4. There is a blank outline template (Word file) on Blackboard (under “Assignments”— Speech 4: Proposition of Fact). 5. At the end of every presentation, audience members will have the opportunity to offer constructive feedback regarding the quality of the arguments presented to support your proposition of fact/thesis. The audience will also have the opportunity to challenge your
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S4 Persuasive Speech criteria - STRC 1111 Speech 4:...

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