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S5 eval template

S5 eval template - Clarity in providing support Expressive...

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S5: Policy Speech (125 pts) Date: 11/24 Introduction (20) Attention getter Clear topic and thesis Places within larger controversy Establishes relevance Body (50) Coherent organization Clear statement of main points Transitions, signposts, summaries Presents compelling “need” Detailed exposition of solution Ample, varied evidence, with citations Proves solution’s practicality Weighs dis/advantages
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Unformatted text preview: Clarity in providing support Expressive, creative language Conclusion (10) Clearly signaled, method Summary, thesis restatement Forceful close, audience appeal Delivery (45) Extemporaneous mode Eye contact Appropriate volume Appropriate rate and pauses Effective gestures and posture Overall variety, inflection, engagement Q&A responses TOTAL (125)...
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  • Spring '11
  • Raskin
  • coherent, Fiction-writing mode, 125 pts, getter Clear topic, thesis restatement Forceful, Appropriate volume Appropriate

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