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S5 Motivated Seq Outline Format

S5 Motivated Seq Outline Format - is or is not enacted III...

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Speech 5: Policy Monroe Motivated Sequence I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: B. Term Topic Question and Preview: 1. Restate and answer your term topic question - 2. Preview your main points II. Body A. Problem Goal: Review the problem or controversy you have discussed this semester. You should review the main points of your Persuasive Speech. B. Solution Goal: Provide a brief overview your solution/plan that would solve the problem. C. Visualization Goal: Provide the audience with a vision of the future if your solution
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Unformatted text preview: is or is not enacted. III. Conclusion A. Review: B. Appeal to Action : Goal: Provide specific steps or actions that your audience may take to help enact your solution. For example, ask the audience to write to an important official, support a particular organization, etc. Be as specific as possible! Give actual addresses, phone numbers, officials names, etc. C. Final Thought :...
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