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STRC 1111 Information Analysis Name:____________________ Term topic Question: 1. What are the three central terms or concepts that you will need to explain for someone to better understand your term topic? You should define or describe each term or concept and provide a citation as support. For example, if you were discussing the regulation of green house gases you might discuss “green houses gases,” “cap and trade,” and “carbon capture technology.” a. b. c. 2. Informative speeches often describe a policy, procedure or process. As a speaker, you need to be able to convert a complicated process into one that is easier to understand. From your research, identify a specific policy, process or procedure related to your term topic. Simplify this process/procedure into four (4) steps. a. b. c. d. 3. Provide a story that you have found in your research that illustrates the importance or impact
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Unformatted text preview: of your term topic. For example, this can be a story from a person who has been positively or negatively affected, a story from someone who is a witness to events, or a story told by an author to make a point. 4. An important part of an informational or persuasive presentation is demonstrating relevance. Two approaches to demonstrating relevance are illustrating “magnitude” and “proximity.” Provide an example of magnitude and proximity related to your term topic. a. Magnitude [Size matters: fact or statistic that demonstrates how many people are affected, % of a population, size of a problem, scale of area are affected, etc.] b. Proximity [Proximity addresses nearness in place, time, or relation.] Please note that you must be able to provide citations for your answers to each question....
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