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STRC 1111 Speech 1: Speech of Introduction Purpose: The purpose of the first speech is for each student to introduce herself or himself to the class. General Expectations 1. Your speech should be 2 to 3 minutes long. 2. After this speech, the audience will also be asked to generate questions about the information provided during your presentation. 3. This assignment is worth 15 points. To receive these points you only need to complete the assignment and turn in an outline. You will not be evaluated or critiqued during this first presentation. Outline Criteria 1. You must complete an outline that is structured around an introduction, body, and conclusion. a. It must present main ideas in full sentences, not words or sentence fragments. (Supporting details may be formatted however makes you comfortable.) b. The outline must be typed, and it must be submitted just prior to the delivery of the speech—i.e. you should bring two copies of your outline to class.
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Unformatted text preview: Organizational Criteria 1. In the introduction to your speech, you need to state your name and preview your main points. 2. Your speech should be structured around three (3) main points. 3. If you reach the conclusion, please review your main points. Content Criteria 1. In this speech you are to discuss one or three important aspects of your life. (If you choose just one, you must break it down into three parts.) You may choose whatever aspects you think are most important or most interesting, from family life to hobbies to academic interests, etc. o Please focus on these one to three aspects without trying to provide a complete biography. A more detailed exploration of an important story or belief will be more interesting to the audience than a broad survey of your life. Delivery Criteria 1. You must speak for at least 2 minutes....
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