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STRC 1111 S2 outline format

STRC 1111 S2 outline format - [You may have as many...

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Speech II: Speech of Praise Outline Format Name: Date: I. Introduction A. Attention-Gaining Strategy: B. Thesis and Preview of Main Points: [A single sentence summarizing your main points.] Transition: [Write your transition as a complete sentence. Remember, transitions are meant to link important ideas in a meaningful way. You should use them where appropriate, but you may choose to write a transition into a statement of a main point and leave the “Transition” line out.] II. Body [Main points should be written as complete sentences.] [Sub-points are the information to support your main points, your quote(s), reading etc.] [You need to cite your information—quotes, reading, etc—in the text of the outline.]
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Unformatted text preview: [You may have as many sub-points as you feel are necessary.] A. First Main Point: 1. Sub-point: 2. Sub-point: Transition: [Your transition should link A and B, preview B, and/or create a sense of consistency between points.] B. Second Main Point: 1. Sub-point: 2. Sub-point: Transition: C. Third Main Point: 1. Sub-point: 2. Sub-point: Transition: [Your final transition should in some way ease the listener into the conclusion or indicate the end of the material with out merely saying “In conclusion . . . .”] III. Conclusion A. Summary of main points: B. Closing inspirational note:...
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