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Student Y IA example - StOC 1111 Issues Analysis Name...

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StOC 1111 Issues Analysis Name: Student Y Date: Term Topic Question: Should students in inner-city public schools get paid for good grades?
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2 Proposition of Fact 1 Proponent Department of Education: Roland G. Fryer (an economist appointed as chief of equality officer), Ms. Connelly, city of New York, Chicago, Washington DC, California and several more, Principals and Teachers Opponent Parents who never got paid for good grades and who’s children do well in school without monetary rewards, College students who did not get paid while in school Additional Perspectives Getting more students from inner-city public schools into college by paying them to do well in school break the chains of intergenerational poverty. Argument and Evidence Roughly 1 in 5 New Yorkers lives in poverty according to the Community Service Society of New York. By offering money to pass AP tests, standardized tests, and their classes in general, the records of students in urban schools who would not ordinarily go to college will become more competitive, gaining more opportunities to get scholarships and grants based on merit along with receiving college credit. Getting students in college and off the streets will break the chains of intergenerational poverty and will present a brighter, alternative future to students who are only familiar with the current life of struggles and obstacles and who view the life of drugs as the only way out. Argument and Evidence Getting people to do things for the wrong reasons is a terrible idea. Society will not benefit by having children taught that nothing is worth doing unless they have cash compensation.
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Student Y IA example - StOC 1111 Issues Analysis Name...

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