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Student Y S3 outline example - Speech III Informative...

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Speech III: Informative Outline Format Name: Student Y Date: Term Topic Question: Should students in inner-city public schools get paid for good grades? I. Introduction A. Attention-Gaining Strategy: How many people here do not like to run? (choose a volunteer) If I told you to run across campus and come back right now because its good for your health in the long run would you do it? (No) What about if I offered you $100 if you did it, would you do it then? (Yes) B. Need to Listen/Importance to Audience: Many of us here today did not get paid for getting good grades when we were in grade school. Some of us may reject this proposal without giving it much thought because we are bitter at the thought of students getting paid when we weren’t. We may feel that because we are not in grade school then this subject matter is not important because it doesn’t relate to us, but we are wrong. “There are 1.2 million students who drop out of high school each year” (ASCD). The reason for this varies, but reality is that these students usually end up unemployed, on welfare, or working low pay hourly jobs. Some decide to take an easy way out by joining a gang or by selling drugs to get the money they need. This is no benefit to society or to the economy. We, as the upcoming generation need to look at the problems of the present and find solutions for the future so that we can better our lifestyles by bettering society. Education is the beginning of everything, so concerning ourselves with this matter is very crucial. C. Credibility: During my research, I learned a lot about the goals of this proposal and the arguments supporting it, as well as the arguments against it from many different types of people ranging from CEOs all the way down to the students themselves. I even asked a couple of people I know about their reaction to the proposal. As someone who went through the public school system and experienced first hand the many issues involved with education, I am able present a full, well rounded view on this issue to present to you all today. D. Preview of Main Points: Today, I am going to tell you about the financial incentive proposal by explaining how different school districts are implementing this proposal as a pilot program, draw your attention to the targeted population and present different people’s views for and against this new proposal. Transition: Before taking a stance on this issue, it is very important to know the details of the proposal. II. Body A. First Main Point: Many school districts in the inner-city area have implemented a pilot program where students get paid for getting good grades to determine whether financial incentives is enough to turn schools around that have a low passing rate on the state’s
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standardized tests. 1. Sub-point: “New York City, with the largest public school system in the country,
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Student Y S3 outline example - Speech III Informative...

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