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Student Y S4 outline example - Speech IV: Proposition of...

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Speech IV: Proposition of Fact Outline Format Name: Student Y Date: Term Topic Question: Should students in inner-city public schools get paid for good grades? I. Introduction A. Attention-Gaining Strategy: How many of you grew up in an urban area? How many of you attended a public high school in this area? As you can see, there aren’t that many students from urban areas attending college. (Possible remedial courses?) B. POF + Preview of Main Points: 1. Proposition of Fact/Thesis statement: Paying students for good grades and high test scores attempts to fix this social and economic problem in our inner-city public schools. 2. Preview of main points: Today, I will focus on how this proposal will encourage more students from inner-city public schools to study more, which will better prepare them to attend college and will also focus how this proposal will break the chains of intergenerational poverty, which will ultimately reduce crime and juvenile delinquency. Transition: Can someone here try to take a stab at the percentage of students who graduate public high schools? (show visual aid) Out of these 70% can someone guess how many are qualified to attend a four year college? 32% are qualified and out of those, 9% are Black and another 9% are Hispanic (Greene and Forster, p. 1). II. Body A. First Main Point: The new proposal of paying for good grades and high test scores will encourage more students to study more. This will allow them to learn more and prepares them to attend college. 1. Sub-point: As I stated in my previous speech, this proposal was presented by New York’s Department of Education’s chief equality officer, Roland Fryer. His main goal is to better the public school education system and to get more minorities in college by better preparing them in grade school.
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Student Y S4 outline example - Speech IV: Proposition of...

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