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Student Y S5 outline example - Speech V: Proposition of...

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Speech V: Proposition of Policy Should students in inner-city schools be paid for good grades? Student Y Date I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How many of you work and pay taxes. How many of you care what your tax money is used for? Well Billions of tax dollars are misused every day. We, the tax payers need to become aware of how and in what our money is spent on. Currently, it costs nearly $18,000 per year to house a single inmate in our state prison system, and the experts believe the number will grow by 1,000 inmates per year. The fact that 67.5% of released prisoners were rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years should concern us. Instead of paying that much for a system that doesn’t work, we should invest money in programs that will prevent crime and attack it at its source – the educational system. B. : 1. Should students in inner-city public schools get paid for good grades? YES. At this point in time, we all know that few students from inner-city public schools graduate and enter college. It is for this reason that a change in our public school system needs to happen in order to have a better tomorrow. Students need a better education so that they will be less likely to engage in criminal activity. 2. Today I will explain in detail the breakdown of the pilot program that is currently in effect in several cities, but was initiated in New York. I will then present the advantages and disadvantages of the plan and finally, focus on what you the audience can do in order to support this proposal. Transition: Different programs in the past have been established to help inner-city school students get a better education, graduate, and make it to college, but none has seemed to work. II. Body A. Proposal 1. Part 1 – Problem – Before explaining the proposal in detail, I want to remind you the problem that this proposal is trying to solve. a. Only 70% of all students in public high schools graduate and out of those 70%, only 32% leave high school qualified to attend four-year colleges determined by the state’s standardized tests; in PA it’s called the PSSA test (Greene and Forster, p. 1). b.
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Student Y S5 outline example - Speech V: Proposition of...

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