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A Personal Example of Marcia

A Personal Example of Marcia - A Personal Example of...

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Unformatted text preview: A Personal Example of Marcia’s Identity Statuses • During my middle school and early high school years I was friends with two different groups of peers. I would act differently in the different cliques, with my family, and with my boyfriend but did not really think about these different behaviors or roles. ( _______ Status) • In high school I was a good student and particularly good at math/business classes and French. I thus decided to attend Penn State (where my teachers recommended that I go and many of my friends were attending) and study International Business Logistics with a minor in French without really considering other career paths. ( _______ Status) • After one year at Penn State, I realized that I did not like Penn State or my business classes and decided to transfer to Temple. My first year at Temple, I took a variety of classes to try to figure out a decided to transfer to Temple....
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