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Tweens and Teens Short In-Class Presentations This assignment is designed to encourage you to look closely at media representations of adolescence, identify their underlying themes and evaluate to what extent they influence the teen audience for which they are intended. In class, we will choose five or six representations and divide into groups to research the representations and present on them for 8 minutes in class. Each member of the group needs to participate in the presentation. Each person can answer one question or you can team up on questions as long as everyone presents. Questions to address (be sure to provide an explanation and evidence for your answers): 1. Who created the show? When? What's it about? Who watches it? 2. How are adolescents represented? 3. How are adults represented?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Is the show created for a wider audience than teens? How do you know? 5. Do the producers/directors have a message for the teen audience? If so, what it is it and how is it revealed? 6. How much influence do you think this show might have on adolescent viewers? On what evidence do you base your conclusion? Show a brief clip that illustrates your view of the show. This assignment is worth 5 points . Each member of the group will receive the points given to that group unless the group members report to me that someone did not participate. Non-participants will receive a zero for this assignment. • Answers to questions posed: 2 points • Strength of argument about how much influence the representations have: 2 points • Presentation: 1 point...
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