Tweens and Teens Final Research Project

Tweens and Teens Final Research Project - Tweens and Teens...

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Tweens and Teens Final Research Project Instructions for the research project Students will choose subjects to study and divide into groups of 3-5 people to study the same or similar topics and present to the class together. Although students will work together to gather material and present as a group, each student will submit a final paper focusing on a particular aspect of the subject selected. Each of the first three stages of the research process (proposal, fact check and discovery) accounts for 5 points. You will incorporate parts of each stage into the final paper (15 points) and present your findings in a group presentation (10 points). Stages of the research process: I. Proposal/Plan Each student will submit his/her own proposal or plan to study and report on some aspect of the subject. For example, five people might propose to study the phenomenon of Harry Potter. Within that group, however, each person should take a unique angle and develop an individual research question or questions. For example, one person might choose to look at gender issues: do more girls read Harry Potter and, if so, why? One might choose to study how the characters have grown over time and the significance of that to teen fans who are growing with them. Another might choose to look at the marketing of Harry Potter and what strategies marketers are using to encourage teens to spend money, etc. You should help each other choose topics, so that when taken together your projects will reveal deep knowledge about the subject. Everyone in the group should work on gathering sources and information for the fact check, which is due next. Working together, you can share general knowledge about the trend and important background information as well as sources that you find as you conduct your research. The proposal should make an argument for why this trend would make a good subject to study. You should say what you know so far, what you need to know, and what you expect to find out. It should also answer the following questions: Why is this trend/artifact/event significant to American teens? What do you know or have you learned about this trend so far? Why is this a good subject to study in order to deepen your understanding of adolescence as a life stage? How do you plan to gather information and study this trend? What sources have you already identified (provide at least 3) and how do you plan to conduct your discovery process? Be specific . The proposal should be about 500 words (2 pages).
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II. Fact Check For this stage of the project, you will identify credible sources and gather general information on your trend as well as more specific background information on the particular aspect each person is studying. Part A: Summary:
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Tweens and Teens Final Research Project - Tweens and Teens...

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