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Stock Project

Stock Project - Stock Project Steve Cordasco Investing for...

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Stock Project Steve Cordasco Investing for the Future Spring 2011 The purpose of this assignment is to give you some practical hands on experience with investing. You will need to design and monitor and investment portfolio worth $1,000,000. You must first begin by deciding on an objective for your portfolio based on the five categories of risk tolerance we looked at during the first lab assignment. Aggressive growth Growth Moderate Moderately Conservative Conservative After you decide on an objective, you must come up with an investment policy statement. This should state what your investment timeline is, what type of investments you will be looking for as well as what you purpose for investing is. Most people invest to earn returns and make more money, but you need to explain your objective beyond this. You also need to consider how long you have before you need to start withdrawing from the investment. This will help determine how much risk you can safely assume while still maintaining your original objective. And remember, higher risk generally means higher
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