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Temple University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ENVT 0945 Honors: The Environment Spring 2010 Description: Develop connections between the environment and everyday life. Enhance your awareness of current environmental issues by taking part in discussion and debate: Is Global Warming for real? Should the U.S. sign the Kyoto protocol? Are we running out of oil? Learn as you go on campus field trips, try hands-on experiments and hear presentations from experts on the energy crisis, global climate change, acid rain, ozone depletion, resource sustainability, biodiversity and the environmental impact of natural phenomenon. Sharpen your strategies and leave a better environment for future generations. Note: This course fulfills a Natural Science & Technology (GS) requirement for students under GenEd and the Science B (SB) requirement for students under the Core Curriculum. Approach to Teaching: The focus will be on critical thinking, field project, writing, and hands - on experiments. Reading assignments, group discussions and debates are integral part of the course.
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