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Mid-term Exam - 2 abatement through the use of carbon taxes...

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Temple University College of Engineering ENVT 0945 Honors: The Environment Mid-Term Exam – Spring 2010 Name: _________________________ This exam consists of two parts. Part one is a 500 word comment on the following topic (80%): Review recent international meetings dealing with the issues of climate change and the consideration of Carbon Dioxide reduction strategies via economic means as a method to reduce the effects of CO 2 on the global climate. Simplifying the current state of this process into countries that are in favor and those not in favor of CO
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Unformatted text preview: 2 abatement through the use of carbon taxes or cap and trade economics, identify one country on each side of this issue and write about their differences. You may bring notes and other written aids to the exam. Electronic communication systems are not appropriate for use in this exam. Your writing will be by hand. You may include citations as you wish. Citations are not included in the word limitation. Part two is an analysis of a potential cap and trade market (20%)....
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