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Environmental Stewardship Synthesis Assigned: Tuesday, 11.30.10 Due: Tuesday, 12.14.10, by email, no later than midnight (do not use google docs) Directions: On your own, answer four of the eight questions below in one to two pages per question. For question number 5, please scan in your storyboard illustrations and email them separately. Each question is worth 25 points. Remember to cite any sources you use. Format: 11 pt. font, double spaced. NAME: __________________________________________ 1) What is environmental stewardship? Are your views of environmental stewardship directly linked with your environmental values? If so, how? If not, why not? How have your views of environmental stewardship changed over your lifetime? Do you think how and where you grew up influenced both your interests in environmental stewardship and your environmental values or ethic? Please be as specific and descriptive as you can. 2) You see the need for a formal tree planting program on and around Temple University’s Main campus and in the neighboring community. Please describe the steps you would take to go from your vision of a greener community to getting trees in the ground. Would you partner with other tree-related groups? Would you contact the Fairmount Park Commission? How might you track existing trees as well as determine where new trees ought to be planted? 3) Climate change has become such a significant issue and issue of debate in our culture – in movies / documentaries, in the news, and in the classroom. Is it possible to “leave out” or disregard the issue of climate change when making a case for “greening” our American cities? Can we argue that we should green our cities simply for the sake of making our cit es in the United States a better and healthier place to live or must we include issues surrounding climate change when discussing the issues and challenges of “greening” a city? I suggest that you first define what “greening” our cities means and entails for the purposes of your essay and then discuss how to make a case for “greening” cities in the United States. 1
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Green vs. Gray_final synthesis_fall 2010_due 12.14.10(1) -...

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