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the city assignment - Temple University LAR 0852 School of...

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Unformatted text preview: Temple University LAR 0852 School of Environmental Design Green vs. Gray: Fall 20|0 Improving and Sustaining Urban Ecosystems Writing Assignment I: Two pages, hard copy (printed-out) due Tuesday, 9/6/ In I.25 in. margins, l lpt. font You are to write a twgmge essay that addresses the following questions: In our first class, we watched the documentary, “The City”, which was created for the I939 World’s Fair. What are three of the main points or ideas of the film? Do you think that our (American) city environments and lifestyles today are significantly different than in I939 or not too much or somewhere in between? How are they different? Have they changed in a positive, negative, or neutral direction? Can a better understanding of nature in or the ecology of cities change or impact how we work and dwell in cities? If so, how so? ...
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