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First Writing Assignment - Neither the diagrams nor any...

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First Writing Assignment 1. Goal : The goal of the first assignment is simple. I want you to relate class material to the real world. 2. Directions: a. I expect you to find a news article that relates to material we have covered in class (up to and including unemployment. This is a thought exercise, not a research paper. Do not use sources other than the article, your text, and class notes. b. Your analysis should be no longer than one page, double-spaced with 12-point font. c. The analysis should have at least two paragraphs i. The first paragraph should (briefly!) summarize the point of the article ii. The remaining paragraph(s) should relate the article to class concepts. Just saying “this article demonstrates supply and demand” will earn you little or no credit. iii. You may use as many diagrams as you wish to illustrate your point.
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Unformatted text preview: Neither the diagrams nor any (brief) captions you use will count against the page limit. If you use a diagram, be sure to refer to it in the body of your essay. 3. Grading a. I will grade on a 12-point system. Ten points will be awarded for the substance of what you do i. Have you chosen an appropriate article? ii. Have you correctly identified the point of the article? iii. Is your analysis correctly done? iv. Have you used diagrams when needed? Are they appropriate and correctly drawn? v. Has the assignment been completed on time (turned in physically or electronically at the beginning of class). b. The remaining two points will be based on presentation i. Are the grammar and spelling correct? ii. Is the writing clear?...
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First Writing Assignment - Neither the diagrams nor any...

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