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For the next assignment, you have a choice of two paths. You may: 1. Read “A Shot in the Arm, Not a Kick in the Pants,” Michael Cooper, New York Times October 7, 2009. (Available from Lexis-Nexis Academic at ). Use Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply to evaluate some of the claims made in the article about how President Obama’s stimulus package was supposed to work and whether it has worked. OR - 2. Read “Zimbabwe, Long Destitute Teeters Toward Ruin,” Michael Wines,
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Unformatted text preview: New York Times, May 21, 2005 (Available from Lexis-Nexis or Themes of the Times ). Use Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply to explain what has happened to Zimbabwe’s economy and how specific actions by its government led to the mess. The analysis should not exceed 500 words (about 1.5 pages). Diagrams and (brief) captions do not count towards the word total....
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