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Temple University Economics 1101 Fall 2007 Writing Assignment Before starting the writing assignment, please read the three articles that are available on the “External Links” portion of Blackboard. Use the content of these articles and what you have learned in class to answer each of the questions that appear at the bottom of this page. Your total response should take no more than two pages (not including diagrams). I will not read any assignments that go beyond two pages. The paper must be typed. It should use 12-point font and 1-inch margins, and it should be double-spaced. You may use as many additional pages as you wish for diagrams. The assignment will be graded based on three factors:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Do you apply concepts learned in the course? b) Do you apply the concepts correctly and completely? c) Is the assignment written well? Each question is worth 25 points. 1. How has sub-prime mortgage crisis in the United States been transmitted around the world, affecting economies from England to Japan? 2. Explain what the Federal Reserve System has done to deal with the crisis. 3. Explain why The Economist worries that the Fed’s policy might fail? 4. Japan’s economy is clearly slowing and might be sliding into a recession. a) What policy can the Bank of Japan implement to prevent this? b) Show, using appropriate graphs, how this policy would affect Japan’s economy....
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