econ 92 syllabus spring 10

econ 92 syllabus spring 10 - ECONOMICS 1902 Microeconomic...

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ECONOMICS 1902 Microeconomic Principles: Honors Department of Economics Professor William J. Stull Ritter Annex 877 Office: (215) 204-5022 Temple University Home: (215) 836-2493 Spring 2010 FAX: (215) 204-8173 Course Description This course is an honors introduction to the theory of microeconomics and its application to the "real world." It has three main objectives. The first is to provide an overview of the most important concepts and models that have entered into the canon of the discipline over the past 250 years. The second is to use these constructs to enhance students' understanding of the economy and their relationship to it so they can make better decisions as workers, investors, consumers, parents, and citizens. The third is to prepare students for further work in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, international business, public policy, urban studies, and related subjects. There are no prerequisites other than competency in basic algebra (graphing, slopes, linear equations, etc.) and a willingness to work and think. Two books are assigned in the course. The first is the main text: Principles of Microeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw (M). The second is Happiness: Lessons From a New Science by Richard Layard (L), a survey of interdisciplinary happiness research. Both are available in the bookstore. Most of the reading assignments in the course are from these volumes. Other assignments will be based on short newspaper and magazine articles handed out in class. Some class materials will be posted in the "Documents" section of the course Blackboard site. Hard copies of materials not available on
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econ 92 syllabus spring 10 - ECONOMICS 1902 Microeconomic...

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