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Study Guide: Iliad, books 1-6 1. What are some of the paradoxes and contradictions in Achilles’ character? 2. What do the warriors on both sides of the battle think of Paris? 3. In book five Lycaon gives an extremely long-winded answer to Aeneas, in the thick of battle while Diomedes is slaughtering their comrades. Why do you think Homer puts these lengthy speeches in the mouths of these men, even though it’s highly unrealistic? And why does Homer have them give speeches right before they fight?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The italicized sections of the text are similes or conceits which take a scene from the battle or from the camp and compare it, sometimes at great length, to something from nature or domestic life. Prepare to discuss in class a conceit that you find to be especially effective or interesting. 5. In what way is war now different from the war described in the Iliad? Is it better or worse now?...
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