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SG Marx 244-268(1) - opposite. Do you agree? 5. How does...

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Study Guide: Marx, Capital pp. 244-268 1. Why were women and children laborers sought after by the first capitalists to employ machinery? 2. How does machinery depreciate the labor power of a man? 3. How does machinery work to lengthen the working day? 4. Marx is essentially arguing that, while machinery and advances in technology are supposed to make our lives easier and more full of leisure, it actually does the
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Unformatted text preview: opposite. Do you agree? 5. How does machinery contribute to the condensation of labor? 6. What are the benefits of having children work with machinery? 7. What does he mean when says that the instrument of labor strikes down the laborer? 8. What is the most powerful weapon for repressing strikes?...
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