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SG More bk. 1 - 4 What is Raphael’s argument against...

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Study Guide: More, Utopia, book 1 1. Keep in mind, as you’re reading, that there is a difference between More the author and More the narrator. Do not assume that More the author agrees with everything that More the character or Raphael Hytholoday says. 2. Why is it better to abstain from writing or publishing? 3. Why doesn’t Raphael want to become a counselor to a prince? What does he say princes are interested in?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is Raphael’s argument against capital punishment for thieves? 5. What does he say about the teachings of Christ in comparison with “common customs”? 1. There are some extremely long and difficult to understand sentences in this first book. Why role, rhetorically speaking, do these passages play? Why do you think More would make some passages obscure and others quite lucid?...
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