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Writing Center General Information

Writing Center General Information - Fall Spring Hours...

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT TUTORING Q: Who comes for tutoring? A: We work with everyone in the University, from First Year Writing and IH students to graduate students, from CLA to CST to Fox to Tyler. Talking to a tutor is not only for people who are struggling with writing (though if you’re struggling, we welcome you), but also for good writers who want to become even better. Most writers can benefit from talking to a friendly-but-critical reader about what they are writing. Q: What do I need to bring to my session? A: Bring a draft of your paper if you have one, or notes and ideas if you don’t. You’ll also need your assignment and any texts or class notes that might help. Q: How does a tutoring session work? A: You’ll meet with your tutor one -on- one, and she’ll begin by asking you several questions about what you are working on. You’ll decide to- gether what you’d like to focus on in the session. From there, every tu- toring session is different. Your tutor might read the paper silently, or
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