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RMI 2901 Spring 2011 Homework #2 20 Points Due Thursday, February 3, 2011 Be careful to FOLLOW THE HOMEWORK GUIDELINES in order to maximize your score for this homework. 1. Refer to the bulk pack article #15 On Location: The Risks of Movie Production . There are COSTS OF RISK associated with the filming of Sahara. For each one of the three financial consequences of risk we discussed in class, identify a cost of risk illustrated in this article. Carefully explain why the example you chose from the article represents a cost of risk. (6 points) 2. Refer to the article Arranging Insurance for Health Clubs. Name and briefly discuss three different methods of loss exposure identification the author refers to in this article . (6 points) 3. Refer to the BB reading Failure Mode and Effect analysis (FMEA) to answer the following questions. (8
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Unformatted text preview: points) a. Briefly discuss the FMEA process and comment on how it is a loss exposure identification method. b. Define Process FMEA and give a relevant business example. c. Define Design FMEA and give a relevant business example. d. Are Process and Design FMEA always separate? Explain. e. Discuss the process of identifying a FMEA Process. f. Documentation of the FMEA process can be burdensome. Discuss the importance of documentation in the FMEA process. While this is a healthcare article, much can be gleaned from the general content. g. Explain the difference between the ideal and actual version of a process. Which one is best to use in the FMEA? Explain....
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