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RMI 2901 HW 3 S 11

RMI 2901 HW 3 S 11 - RMI 2901 Homework 3 Spring 2011 25...

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RMI 2901 Spring 2011 Homework # 3 25 Points Due Thursday, February 10, 2011 Please follow the homework guidelines. Prepare this assignment as if you were writing it for an employer who told you to make it correct and concise while providing her with all of the necessary information needed for decision making. Use business writing tools that create ease of exposition – i.e. bullet points instead of long paragraphs where possible. In the business world, reports are clear and brief but have all necessary information; they are not tomes. 1. Refer to the article . Use the ERM paradigm to answer this question. Confine the risk management analysis to the current issues facing J&J; do not analyze the Tylenol tampering issue. (20 points) a. Using the four quadrants in ERM and the risk/loss nomenclature from your text (Exhibit 2.2 etc.) discuss 5 actual losses or loss exposures J&J faces. You discussion must include the following: Accurately name and explain each loss or loss exposure
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