RMI 2901 HW 4 S 11(1)

RMI 2901 HW 4 S 11(1) - RMI 2901 Homework 4 Due Date...

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RMI 2901 Homework # 4 Spring 2011 40 Points Due Date Thursday, February 17, 2011 Be careful to FOLLOW THE HOMEWORK GUIDELINES in order to maximize your score for this homework. Questions 1 and 2 of your assignment will be based on the measurement and evaluation of E(f), E(s), total dollar losses (EL), and degree of risk or dispersion for the measures of central tendency that you calculate. You will evaluate Civil Air Patrol (CAP) property losses in both the Northeast and Southwest regions of Pennsylvania. Here are the facts of the CAP case. I wrote this case. It is not affiliated with the CAP. The CAP owns airplanes used for search and rescue missions. In the course of their activities, CAP sustains losses in the form of property damages to their airplanes. Assume that the CAP covers two major regions in PA– the Northeast (NE) and the Southwest (SW). Assume that this is the compilation of 20 years of data and you are projecting for the year 2012. Question 3 is based on the GSK Avandia case which we discussed in class. For your reference, the case is on the last page of the HW.
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QUESTION 1 – Measuring E(f), E(s) and EL for the Northeast (NE) Region (20 points) The NE Region has 500 airplanes dispersed at various general aviation airports throughout the region. The CAP has the following data for the number of accidents per airplane in the NE Region . # of accidents per airplane
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RMI 2901 HW 4 S 11(1) - RMI 2901 Homework 4 Due Date...

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