THE NEW ECOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - different countries 3....

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THE NEW ECOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 1. Scale spatial - intersections of logical, regional, national, international, global temporal - long-term (diachronic, history) 2. Multiple factors political (critical) conflict, human rights (intellectual property rights) 3. Engaged applied, policy, advocacy 4. Methods ethnoecology multiple (factor, site, level, time) linkages comparison team (questions from locals) 5. Continuities local, culture, ecosystem, systems, adaptation, maladaptation, process, change, history ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linkage Methods 1. longitudinal (long-term) 2. systematic inter-community comparison same region different regions
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Unformatted text preview: different countries 3. research extends to levels at which policies are developed 4. interview planners, administrators, & others who impinge on the study population(s) 5. research planned as ongoing process 6. require team work 7. key to continuity - involvement of host country colleagues local assistance other community residents------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Issues 1. clash of locals, economic development, & environmentalism 2. biodiversity conservation 3.ecological awareness & environmental perception risk 4. NGOs & rights movements 5. environmental racism ____________________________________________________________...
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THE NEW ECOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - different countries 3....

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