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POWER OF A SCARED PLACE - 12 Associated legends 13...

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HYPOTHESIZED FACTORS THAT MAY CONTRIBUTE TO THE POWER OF A SACRED PLACE* Especially “Natural” sites 1. Geophysical characteristics 2. Celestial influences Especially human constructions 3. Sacred geometry 4. Building materials 5. Intent of builders 6. Sound and music 7. Aromatic substances used in ceremony and healing 8. Visual scriptures or sacred texts Either 9. Visual beauty 10. Light and color 11. Location within a sacred geography
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Associated legends 13. Accumulated spiritual energy from centuries of ceremonial activity 14. Accumulated spiritual energy from large numbers of pilgrims 15. Intent and behavior of the pilgrim 16. Collective cultural beliefs 17. Power from sacred objects (relics, idols, images, etc.) 18. Mysterious influences of spirits 19. Ritual use of psychoactive plants...
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