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WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGICAL? I. Subject matter ---- anything related to: A. Human--- prehistory, evolution, nature, condition B. Culture or cultural--- evolution, diversity, relativism C. Ethnicity--- ethnic, multiethnic society, ethnocentrism, ethnocide D. Indigenous --- native, aboriginal, "tribal" or "primitive" II. Levels of analysis A. Macro-level analysis 1. Diachronic (through time, especially prehistoric) = archaeology and paleontology
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Comparative a. Cross-species (humans and other primates) = primatology b. Cross-cultural (universals, regularities or generalities, and particulars or uniqueness) = ethnology B. Intermediate-level analysis (cultural area or region) C. Micro-level analysis (individual or particular cultures) 1. Prehistoric culture = archaeology 2. Historic culture = ethnohistory 3. Contemporary culture = ethnography...
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