From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict

From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict - Elller, Jack David,...

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Elller, Jack David, 1999, From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict: An Anthropological Perspective on International Ethnic Conflict , Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. ORGANIZATION The introduction and first two chapters of this book develop the broad conceptual framework from a postmodern anthropological perspective, including an attempt to clarify terminology (ethnicity, nation, state, etc.). The remaining five chapters each critically analyze a case of regional conflict (Sri Lanka, Kurds, Rwanda-Burundi, Bosnia, and Quebec). Eller confesses and cautions that for any case ". ..I do not believe that a single truth exists" (xii). RECENT CONFLICT In the "Introduction" Eller notes a shift in the fundamental character of violent conflicts and wars--- decreasingly state-state in the northern hemisphere to increasingly state-nonstate or nonstate-nonstate, usually in the southern hemisphere, and increasingly involving ethnic groups (1). ETHNICITY The recent surge in ethnic conflict has surprised many who assumed that ethnicity was on the decline with modernization and that countries were fairly homogeneous or becoming so. In addition, many have lacked historical perspective and confused various terms while they have not realized the extent of ethnic diversity in the modern world, some 5,000-7,000 distinct groups (2-4). A working definition may be extracted from Eller's discussion--- ethnicity is a subjective, variable, and adaptable group identity reflecting the interplay of we/they distinctions by both insiders and outsiders as
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From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict - Elller, Jack David,...

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