Peaceful Societies - Fabbro, D., 1978. "Peaceful...

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Fabbro, D., 1978. "Peaceful Societies: An Introduction," J ournal of Peace Research XV(1):67-83. Article is the first (and so far only) in the Journal of Peace Research to directly address the question of peaceful societies (see Wiberg 1981). Most anthropologists and other scholars in the general arena of peace studies taken in the broadest sense have simply lacked the intellectual courage, rigor, creativity, and objectivity to pursue peace directly as a research subject! Peace is rare not because violence and war are ubiquitous and nonviolence and peace are rare to absent in societies and daily life, but because nonviolence and peace are so rarely the subject of direct research. The deficiency is not in human nature or the human condition, but in scholarship and science, contrary to Gregor, et al.! Fabbro titles his article an introduction to peaceful societies and focuses on their preconditions. His eight criteria for peace include the absence of violence of any kind and at any level including structural violence (indirect, institutional) and war (internal and external) as well as the absence of a standing police and/or military organization (p. 67). These are the preconditions for a peaceful society, and involve
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Peaceful Societies - Fabbro, D., 1978. "Peaceful...

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