The Coming Anarchy - Robert D. Kaplan, 1994 (February),...

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Unformatted text preview: Robert D. Kaplan, 1994 (February), "The Coming Anarchy," Atlantic Monthly 273(2):44-76. Main Message "The coming anarchy: nations break up under the tidal flow of refugees from environmental and social disaster. As borders crumble, another type of boundary is erected--- a wall of disease. Wars are fought over scarce resources, especially water, and war itself becomes continuous with crime, as armed bands of stateless marauders clash with the private security forces of elites. A preview of the first decades of the twenty-first century" [from the Magazine cover]. Overview Kaplan provides a panoramic essay outlining the Hobbesian character and the eclectic complex of causes of future warfare in the form of low-intensity conflict. He begins with Sierra Leone as a microcosm, proceeds to other countries in West Africa such as Nigeria, and then to other regions and countries, especially Turkey, India and Pakistan. Kaplan asserts that there is a synergy among overpopulation, resource scarcity, poverty, disease, and "tribalism" that is rapidly destroying the fabric of civil society...
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The Coming Anarchy - Robert D. Kaplan, 1994 (February),...

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