The Culture of Conflict

The Culture of Conflict - "The Culture of Conflict:...

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"The Culture of Conflict: Field Reality and Theory " - Carolyn Nordstrom and JoAnn Martin, eds., The Paths to Domination, Resistance, and Terror, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. INCREASED VIOLENCE AND ETHICS OF PORTRAYING IT "The widespread sociopolitical violence in the world, especially in the Third World, has altered the terrain of ethnographic research, raising new questions and requiring different types of ethnographic presentations. Anthropologists and other social scientists are confronting the challenge of portraying violence without encouraging or rationalizing it." (p.3) KEY QUESTIONS 1. What ethnographic voice do responsible researchers give to the perpetrators and to the victims of sociopolitical violence? (p.3) (What ethnographic voice conveys the social reality of these unarmed victims of aggression --- the families who essentially live their lives on the frontlines of today's conflicts --- if researchers focus on the politicomilitary systems whose members [?] may declare war, but certainly do no bear the brunt of it? Worse, who gives resonance to those repressed, tortured, and disappeared in undeclared wars? p. 14)
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The Culture of Conflict - "The Culture of Conflict:...

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