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UNESCO SEVILLE STATEMENT ON VIOLENCE [ Introduction by Sponsel The important historic Seville Statement on Violence was drafted by a multidisciplinary committee of 20 prominent scholars at the 6th International Colloquium on Brain and Aggression, including two anthropologists. It was held at the University of Seville, Spain, in May 1986. Support was provided by the Spanish Commission for UNESCO. This statement's main purpose is to dispel the common myth that human beings are somehow inevitably disposed to war because of their innate and biologically determined aggressive traits. Then UNESCO adopted this Seville Statement on Violence at its 25th General Conference Session in Paris, October 17-November 16, 1989. This statement has been formally endorsed by scientific organizations from around the world, including the American Anthropological Association]. _________________________________________________________________ STATEMENT Believing that it is our responsibility to address from our particular disciplines the most dangerous and destructive activities of our species, violence and war; recognizing that science is a human cultural product which cannot be definitive or all-encompassing; and gratefully acknowledging the support of the authorities of Seville and representatives of Spanish UNESCO; we, the undersigned scholars from around the world and from relevant sciences, have met and arrived at the following Statement on Violence. In it, we challenge a number of alleged biological findings that have been used, even by some in our disciplines, to justify violence and war. Because the alleged findings have contributed to an atmosphere of pessimism in our time, we submit that the open, considered rejection of these misstatements can contribute significantly to the International Year of Peace. Misuse of scientific theories and data to justify violence and war is not new but has been made since the advent of modern science. For example, the theory of evolution has been made to justify not only war, but also genocide, colonialism, and suppression of the weak. We state our position in the form of five propositions. We are aware that there are many other issues
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