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War on the Frontlines - Carolyn Nordstrom 1995"War on...

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Unformatted text preview: Carolyn Nordstrom, 1995, "War on the Frontlines" in Fieldwork Under Fire: Contemporary Studies of Violence and Survival, C. Nordstrom and A.C.G.M. Robben, eds., Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, pp. 128-153. Nordstrom describes the experience of people in Mozambique and of herself as ethnographer in a war zone through a series of stories and commentary. She labels her methods "runway anthropology" because she traveled to different areas devastated by war by hitching a ride on cargo planes transporting emergency supplies. In the vicinity she interviewed average people of both sexes and all ages about their individual war experience and collected their stories (140). In this manner she explored the lived experience of the theme of war--- the "ethnography of a warzone" (139). She documents the "statements constructed by the victims themselves to convey the complex way violence is lived, learned, subverted, and survived" (144). However, she did not work in areas still occupied by rebel forces (Renamo).and survived" (144)....
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