Lesson9Subsistence - created by geological changes • Homo...

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11/3/09 1 FOOD! Getting it, eating it, distributing it SUBSISTENCE STRATEGY the way we get our food • more influence on culture than any other single aspect • meets one of our most basic needs (food, water are primary > reproduction is secondary) • changes in food sources must be met by adaptations (It is likely that changes in food resources were responsible for early hominid evolutionary changes.) !Kung San women carry mongongo nuts back to camp. Chimpanzee, A. afarensis, H. sapiens Changes in Hominid Diets 3mya Australopithecus ate vegetable foods on the open plains Homo habilis , with his larger brain & stone tools , added scavenged meat 2mya Homo spread out of Africa into new environments
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Unformatted text preview: created by geological changes • Homo has experienced changes in dentition and facial structure related to changes in food (softening skull/musculature, delicate teeth) 11/3/09 2 Human Subsistence Timeline 200,000ya 10,000ya 6,000ya 250ya Foraging (hunting/gathering) Horticulture & Pastoralism Agriculture Industrialism There are 2 Major Types of Food Getting and 4 basic strategies 1. Food Collecting ( foraging ) 2. Food Producing ( pastoralism , horticulture , agriculture ) We will watch a short video on each of these 4 subsistence strategies. Please complete the handout as you watch. What does Ishmael say about the transition from Food Collectors to Food Cultivators?...
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  • Food Collectors, Pastoralism Agriculture Industrialism, hominid evolutionary changes, Kung San women, ate vegetable foods

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Lesson9Subsistence - created by geological changes • Homo...

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