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Lesson13CultureChange - Culture Change Culture Change...

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12/3/09 1 Culture Change Culture Change Diffusion Discovery & Inven0on Borrowing cultural traits Realizing and understanding a set of rela:onships & applying that new knowledge to create ar:facts EX: agriculture in areas around Fer:le Crescent EX: nature of fire & how to use it, right to liberty, wheel Accultura0on Diffusion in situa:on of con:nuous contact (forced or voluntary) 90% 10% When new knowledge is introduced it can… • be rejected replace existing knowledge • be incorporated along with existing knowledge (ex: syncretism reconciling conflicting beliefs – synthesizing existing beliefs and practices with new ones introduced from outside)
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12/3/09 2 How was Christianity received in Hawaii? • Rejected? Replaced existing knowledge? Incorporated into existing knowledge ? Restored Hale o Lono Heiau (500yo), Waimea Valley, O‘ahu Reconstructed Hale o Keawe (originally built 400ya), Pu‘uhonua o Honaunau National Park, Big Island Three Approaches to Understanding Culture Change
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