HIST 4205 09-27-06 - HIST 4205 New Deal Hundred Days...

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HIST 4205 9-27-06 New Deal Hundred Days Emergency Banking Act Fireside chat Economy Act Beer-Wine Revenue Act Glass-Steggall Banking Act Farm Credit Act Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) U.S. vs. Butler (1936) FDR comes in with good majorities New Deal FDR’s plan to get America out of depression Comes from speech he gave where he mentioned new deal 3 Rs Relief Legislation to provide immediate legislation for relief Recovery Longer term legislation to get industry back on its feet Reform Legislation to fix some of the underlying economic flaws so they don’t happen again Call Congress in special session HUNDRED DAYS March 9 th – June 16 th “masterpiece of presidential leadership” This is where the framework is created for New Deal 15 pieces of legislation to Congress and all passed Gets everything he wants Has Congress that is willing to follow Emergency Banking Act March 9 th at noon, at 1pm had this bill A little cooperation with outgoing Hoover admin Only one copy of the bill It has corrections in the margins Bill was read on House floor House debated for 38 minutes Passed House Unanimously Senate has it a little longer
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Senate passed it unamended Only 7 votes against it FDR signed it later that evening Whole thing only took less than 8 hours Set the Treasury dept had responsibility of making sure banks
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HIST 4205 09-27-06 - HIST 4205 New Deal Hundred Days...

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