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HIST 4205 08-25-06 - Friday Friday 4:29 PM"New Woman 19th...

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Friday Friday, August 18, 2006 4:29 PM "New Woman" 19th Amendment (1920) League of Women Voters Equal Rights Amendment Independent Internationalism Rogers Act of 1924 Washington Naval Conference Five Power Treaty Nine Power Treaty Teapot Dome Albert Fall Harry Sinclair Charles Forbes "New Woman" Several different meanings Suggested more women attending colleges More women in professional occupations More women in athletics - college Rejection of Victorian stereotypes of women Wanted same rights as men Most visible rights most visible - political rights Lead to 19th Amendment Starts on state level -> national level Started out West Territory of Wyoming first to grant women to right to vote - 1869 State Moved East - Kansas, Illinois…..1917 - NY NY - made it a national movement PC shut down League of Women voters - 1920 Equal Rights Amendment 1928 - LWV - 145 women voters served throughout country in political positions Division among women's rights organizations Differences on goals
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FOREIGN SERVICE Part of gov't that carries out Am. Foreign policy
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