Meyers Class Notes - Election of 1932 Roosevelt (D) 472...

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Unformatted text preview: Election of 1932 Roosevelt (D) 472 22,821 Hoover (R) 59 15,761 Economic downturn = Great Depression blamed on Hoover/Republican (who ever in office); Democrats well in 30 midterm; had control of the house = confident b/f election Republican Convention – Chicago • no challenge to Hoover • weren’t going to go with anyone else besides Hoover b/c he was bearing blame for economy and if they did they would be admitting he was to blame for depression • Hoover easily nominated, Curtis running mate again • Platform : enforcement of Prohibition, but states should get vote whether to keep Prohibition or not; blame Depression on world events outside of United States; up to state and local gov’t to provide economic relief; favor protective tariff (due to having raised in 1930); appeal to all Republicans to remain loyal to the party Democratic convention – Chicago • know they’re going to win; best chance to win since 1920; everyone excited • favorites – Al Smith (1928 candidate, Governor NY – thinks its his time), Franklin Roosevelt (sitting Governor of NY), John Nance Garner (Texas- current Speaker of House) • going into the convention primaries had FDR in the lead, but not 2/3 of the votes – he has majority though; 1 st vote FDR leads then Smith then Garner • at break FDR people may have spoken to Garner people (FDR and Garner are not their) – Garner dropped out and his votes went to FDR • FDR nominated on 4 th ballot, running mate/VP Garner (he didn’t want to be VP) • FDR broke tradition and flew to Chicago and accepted nomination in person (1 st of the major party politicians to do so) – promised a New Deal for the American people – no significance yet to the term New Deal • End of era where candidates don’t attend convention • Platform : blames Republicans for Depression – squarely on Hoover; suggest public work projects should be started by the federal gov’t, unemployment relief should start by the federal gov’t, should be regulation of securities, holding companies, exchange needs regulation, in favor of repealing Prohibition Important issues of election : lack of prosperity, Republicans question Roosevelt’s health in every election (could he withstand Presidency) – he campaigned a lot and traveled extensively; Hoover desperate even Progressive Republicans prominent ones endorsed Roosevelt; radio used a lot they made speeches and Roosevelt had a better voice; a lot people out against Hoover; everyone felt FDR would make major changes; Roosevelt during campaign never committed to anything (middle of road) ambiguity worked for him; Roosevelt wins overwhelmingly – Hoover didn’t do so hot!!! Democrats have big numbers in Congress – Senate 60/35 majority – House 310/117 majority – like Republican Party disappears Roosevelt dominates this age; Age of Roosevelt (1930-1945) • Roosevelt b/f 1932 – from NY, entered as Democratic and remained that; uncle Theodore Roosevelt thought he’d be Republican, but wasn’t...
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Meyers Class Notes - Election of 1932 Roosevelt (D) 472...

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