Syllabus - PSYCHOLOGY332B (Jan 5, 2010) Introduction to...

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PSYCHOLOGY332B (Jan 5, 2010) Introduction to Personality (3 credits) Instructor : Richard Koestner Office: W8/30 Stewart Biology Bldg. TA’s : Sook Chua and Genevieve Taylor Time : MWF 11:35 – 12:25; MCMED 522 Prerequisite : PSY 100. Content : This course examines some of the major theories of personality (e.g., those of Freud, Rogers, and Erickson) and empirical research inspired by these theories. We will also examine major issues in personality research such as how to best organize information about another’s personality and the extent to which personality characteristics fluctuate across situations and over time. Textbook : McAams, Daniel. The Person: An Introduction to the Science of Personality Psychology. Fifth edition. John Wiley and Sons: NY, NY. 2009. Method: Three lectures per week. Evaluation: Midterm exam, 50%; final exam 50%. All students will automatically have the option for their midterm to count for 40% and the final 60%. The midterm will be in the evening on some day between Feb 9 th and Feb 17 th . I am waiting for the University to allot two large rooms for the midterm exam. Midterm and final exams will consist of multiple choice questions. The final exam will be cumulative for lecture material but not for reading material – you will only be responsible
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Syllabus - PSYCHOLOGY332B (Jan 5, 2010) Introduction to...

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