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Riverland Community CollegeCourse Syllabus History 1001   course title:  U.S. History 1001: Colonial - 1877  credits:  3  dept . Hist  instructor:  Thomas   Woodhouse  office:  C121K  phone:  (507) 433-0803  E-Mail Address:         acad. year:  2010 summer   session I   Required Textbooks : Give Me Liberty (Seagull Edition) ,  Eric  Foner.Annual Editions: American History: vol. I , 21 th  ed. Course Description:  This survey looks at the genesis of American culture,  society, and politics in the colonial period to the Revolution, then it examines the  early national period to the post-Civil War years.  Web Course:  This is a class that can be done entirely on the Web. There will be  no class meetings, and students will submit their work via the Web.   Course Requirements: All assignment, tests and quizzes will be open book meaning the student can use notes, books or outside resources. The course assignments are as follows:
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Syll-HIST 1001 -...

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