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These essays are expository because it uses evidence, examples, or facts to explain a concept or to inform about a topic with a thesis as its base; and this information is presented fairly and in a nonbiased manner. The how to fillet a fish was defiantly a informative process because it is a basic how to step by step explanatory process. The Cochlear Implants was more of a topic paper because it explained where the implant originated and the advances that it has made over the years. Each author choose to use their style of organization because it made the step by step process a easy break down for the reader and the cochlear implants more of an informative piece educating the reader on the history and effects that the implant makes. By using a certain
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Unformatted text preview: organizational choice it makes it easy to outline their paper and get their point across in a more effective manner. A different effect could have been achieved if the authors would have used a different type of expository essay or organizational choice and just given a basic description instead of a step by step breakdown. These essays are alike because they both inform the reader and use descriptive wording to paint a picture for the reader to understand the topic that the author was trying to get across. These are also different because one was used to teach you how to do something and the other were used to just inform the reader about a product....
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