Steps in the Writing Process

Steps in the Writing Process - as it comes. I always make...

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The writing process that I have read about during this class is different from the ones I have used in the past simply for the fact that I do not do any type of prewriting. I normally just sit down and start writing my paper almost a form of free styling and drafting all rolled into one. So I guess that I find prewriting to be the easiest step for me since the steps of prewriting include a lot of my current writing style. According to these steps I find drafting to be the most difficult because I do not like to organize and outline my papers, I find it easier to just let my brain write
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Unformatted text preview: as it comes. I always make sure to go back and read what I have written and make sure that I touched all the key points that I wanted to address and that I did not bounce around or get off topic. By learning to do some of these steps and understanding how to do them efficiently and effectively will help me to become a better writer. It is just going to take some discipline in order to sit down and organize my thoughts and then outlining them to into a well structured paper....
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