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week 5 Full-Sentence Outline

week 5 Full-Sentence Outline - III News media and...

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I . The key roles that the media started to take in American history as they report the news. A. The media was asked to report on certain things 1. What they were allowed to report on during the war. 2. Determining the Role of Broadcast Media in a Democratic Society. II. Comparing Society’s Awareness of Women: Media -Portrayed Idealized Images and Physical Attractiveness. A. Can see how media plays a role in the psyche of what Americans believe to be true. 1. The media portrays women in only certain lights.
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Unformatted text preview: . III. News media and the (de)construction of risk: How Flemish newspapers select and cover international disasters. A. How the media only reports on world events or catastrophe if they affect western civilization 1. See how the media plays on the human psyche and emotion.2. Supporting example I outlined my paper by having key points I want to touch on and my counter arguments show how my original point comes into play so it is not negative....
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